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May 18, 2007


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At least here in the US there are laws in which the gov makes site admins keep records of which actresses are on the site.

That is make sure the admins aren't using underaged actresses.

It could also be used to check with the actress if there is any hint of ACTUAL abuse, rather then prude beaurocrat thinking there is abuse.

As you say, "because they "know" masochism cannot be consensual."

Hi, I'm from the UK and have been following this.

The Bill for the Extreme Porn ban has been published today as part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill - see .

Note that the law seems even broader than what was proposed - it no longer specifies "disabling" injury. Their list of what could come under this includes "threat with a weapon", "insertion of sharp objects", "mutilation of breasts or genitals" (see ).

Staged/fictional images are included. Also of interest is that whilst classified works aren't covered, an extracted image from a legal classified work can fall under the law if the image was extracted for the purpose of sexual arousal.


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