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March 07, 2007


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... absolutely horrifying.

Agreed. But it's exciting to those people who hate the internet, hate women, and especially hate women on the internet, as Althouse has repeatedly shown herself to be.

(Side note - I normally eschew calling her "Ann", because it would imply I mistake her for a civilized human. She is Althouse.)

(Side side note - how does one pronounce "Althousiana"? My brain wants to make it sound like Louisiana.)

On the substantive issue, can't the targets get the photos of themselves that have been copied from their flickr accounts pulled? Presumably, they hold the copyright.

And - not saying this would be easy - to the extent that false statements are made about them, isn't there a case?

Finally, clearly, university placement offices and NALP need to get on this. Not just a law school thing, either.

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