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March 08, 2007


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See, now that complete nonsequitur did not drive me nearly as crazy as the implication that the right is more concerned about international women's rights than the left. I posted the following comment on his blog, what are the odds that he allows it through?

"Actually, the left has supported women's rights all over the world; Ms Magazine spoke out against the Taliban early on, while in contrast, the conservative Eagle Forum [linked in original] opposed CEDAW as recently as 2002. I think the question you mean to ask is why doesn't the left opportunistically exploit women's rights issues in Iran to justify the US bombing the living daylights out of Tehran and making life even worse for them to satisfy the bloodlust of the right?"

what are the odds

He already did.

you have no freaking clue.

Step aside, M-dog, I'll handle this.

Winston - enlighten us.

The Left! Hey, man, good to see you. Yeah, could you please step to this Ledeen character? His grammar annoys me. Plus I want to slap him for Iran-Contra.

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