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February 15, 2007


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What a great analysis! I am tired of these doomsday religionists and their superstitions already.

This is dead on. Great work! Thanks to Atrios for linking - I look forward to reading more.

I note that Kleiman doesn't allow comments on his blog. Heh.

Otherwise, I would have told him this:

As Steve Gilliard has said, people of faith make up the backbone of the Democratic party.They're called BLACKS and HISPANICS.Vanderslice is so intent on Hoovering up the white evangelicals at the expense of everyone else that she's not bothering to examine the fact that the people she's trying to court don't vote Democratic largely for racial reasons. Period.

Who declared this woman I never heard of to be "the religious left"?

I'm the religious left, and I don't agree with her one bit. She apparently wants to turn us into the religious right, at which point she'll attract more of the religious right to our group--at which point I'll be looking for a new political group.

PS: I can't see Billy Penn's hat.

Despite being Canadian, I must be a little less nice than you, because my take on it is that Vanderslice is so artless, she must put up a Naivete set at Christmas. You got it about right -- the Religious Right isn't about lowering the abortion rate. In fact, they'd be quite happy to have a higher abortion rate, if only it came at the price of being illegal and carrying a substantial risk of death or maiming along with it, since they're also all about punishing women for having sex. Once they've gotten a seat at every table, legal abortion goes. They've already done a pretty good job of getting rid of comprehensive sex ed in the US. Once they've gotten rid of legal abortion, getting rid of contraception is only an Overton window away.

Personally, I'm not into "compromise" with people who are willing to compromise my bodily integrity.

Very impressive post, Mithras. This is the first time I have visited your blog, and it will not be the last time.

You want to give these people a seat at the table? The price they will exact is that certain other people lose their place at the table. They are not interested in compromise to reduce the number of abortions; that's been on the table for years. They don't want to fund sex ed and contraception. They want to ban abortion. Then they want to ban sex ed. Then they want to ban contraception.

Nail. Head. Bang.

I am sure the anti-abortion folks she talks to don't want to hurt this sweet lady's feelings, so they say things like, "I support you [and] everything you are doing on every other issue except for this one." Of course, what they really mean is, "You work for babykillers."

What they really say is "Well, bless your little heart I support you [and] everything you are doing on every other issue except for this one." The 'Bless your little heart' is southern belle code for "You poor thing, you are sooooo stupid and immoral that you cannot even think straight..."

'Bless your little heart' is southern belle code ....

Ha! Yep. Just like "I'll pray for you" is code for "fuck off and die."

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