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February 25, 2007


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If you ever sincerely wish for a united front against human rights abuses, I can provide you with Duncan's and Kos's email addresses. Rather than starting off attacking them, it's much more effective to first try privately asking them to make common cause. Not only will this show your good intentions, it has a far greater chance of working.

Nah, that'd make too much sense.

Perfessor Corncob strikes again!

PEN is on the case. Search "Abdel Kareem" (Suleiman):

Instadingbat and Slimin' Simon completely and utterly wrong on an issue? I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!

Fuck them both sideways until, you know, they actually stop propagandising for death squads themselves.

Until then I will assume that any outrage they feel about any human rights violation is just a case of jealousy that their country didn't get in on the act.

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