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October 09, 2006


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That's actually a problem I wish I had. The tiny corner of America I inhabit is a safe seat for pretty much everyone running, so the grand total of electoral communications I've received consists of one mailing from our state senator (Democrat), and two from the Governor (Republican). I would love it if anyone running for office around here would think it was important enough to actually try and persuade me about something.

I'm sure if one lived in a nationally targeted district, one gets enough attention, and may even reach their breaking point. But there are a few of us who live in areas where votes are taken for granted who wouldn't mind getting a real pitch for support.

I answered the door Saturday and found two Dem volunteers standing there, asking me if I'd vote for Rendell and Casey. They were really surprised when I said that the casino issue was discouraging me from supporting Rendell [along with a million other things, but...] and that Casey just doesn't thrill me as a tough, oppositional candidate [mainly because he's not, and because the state Democratic Party hadn't solicited one either.]

I was more shocked when they both agreed with me, and just asked me to go out and vote on Election Day! While I appreciate that an effort is being made, it's symptomatic of the Democratic Party's national troubles when they have such tepid support at the local level.

Re: "While I appreciate that an effort is being made, it's symptomatic of the Democratic Party's national troubles when they have such tepid support at the local level."

I can't vote for Casey because he is knowingly and willfully accepting support from, an anti-Semitic hate organization that is also into 9/11 denial. Google on and "anti-Semitism" or even "racism" and you will see what I mean.

MoveOn is the Democratic Party's problem. It has nothing to do with what any Pennsylvanian recognizes as his/her Democratic Party, or that of his/her parents or grandparents. As long as people identify MoveOn with the Democrats, they will continue to get tepid support or none at all.

It's not possible to be critical of America's relationship with Israel, or Israel's policies at all then, huh?

[Incidentally, Bill, I didn't criticize MoveOn on those grounds, nor do I appreciate that attribution.]

I'm hoping we really sweep them this time. But somehow I'm just not that optimistic.

Election day 2004, they called me 11 times to urge me to vote. I never answered, because I was sitting in a polling place working real GOTV.

Today they called my husband and asked him if he was planning to vote. Sheesh, he's a Democratic committeeman.

What is it with this scheme of calling every Democrat with a listed phone number over and over and over again? Infuriating them so they switch their registration to Republican? I argued with someone on Kos about this who insisted that it's a proven GOTV technique to call all the phone numbers of all Democrats as often as physically possible, and that it's being drilled into heads at political action training camps.

Make them stop! If I had been home to get all those 11 calls, I'd have been (almost) mad enough to go vote for Bush. Real GOTV has precinct lists and checks off names as they vote. Then later in the day people who haven't voted are called once. It isn't a game of how many million phone calls you can generate to annoy people.

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