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August 31, 2006


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Just sit back, slurp another bit of coffee, and accept things.

You have the absolute worst adminstration in US history. This includes Nixon and, of course, Harding.

" The People always deserve the government that they elect."

"The People always deserve the government that they elect."

Made your bed, now lie in it. A great maxim for individuals, but in an election millions of people had nothing to do with making that bed. What about the people who voted for the other guy? Do they deserve it too? Also, some mistakes have global consequences. Should we let Bush run unchecked just to take our lumps, when it means other people will get worse than lumps?

I remember it as, "Eventually, people get the kind of government they deserve." I like that better because you can interpret it either way. One way is your view; bad government is a punishment the voters inflict on themselves. Or, it could be a call to action, saying that good government is earned by involvement. We may have Bush today, and we can't throw him out and set things aright overnight, but if we work we will eventually bring in people who are competent and wise.

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