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March 13, 2006


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Seems to me like polyamory is the new black or something. Must be the circles I've been traveling in lately, but it's an awfully hot topic.

I appreciate your perspective on this. I had some recent exposure to the lifestyle (not particulary positive exposure, unfortunately) and I'm reasonably certain it's not for me, but I can believe that it might work for others.

Just out of curiosity, do you find yourself "managing jealously" or do you not find that you become jealous. I've read a good deal of information on the subject and people are always talking about managing jealousy. Seems to me that if one has to manage jealousy, maybe that person is trying to fit into a lifestyle that's not suited to them.

But that's just what my head would be telling me. I'm curious about your opinion.

I absolutely agree - 'poly people just don't have the political will or cohesion to lobby for a change in the laws even if they wanted to.'

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