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March 14, 2006


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"Jane" lives.

The funnyest is this:

"DISCLAIMER: I am posting this as information only. Whether anyone chooses to act upon this information is their own concern".

So, I was wondering what kind of ativist posts something like that and says that, if any shit go on, she was only "informing"...

What do you mean "what kind of activist"? The sort of activist who doesn't want to end up sued or in jail, for starters.

Women have a right to know all their options. Somebody has to put information out there in order for the discussion to proceed. Just because Molly posts instructions on the web doesn't mean that she's ordering anyone to abort themselves, or vouching for the absolute completeness and comprehensiveness of the information she relates.

Information like Molly's is valuable even people who don't intend to abort themselves. Voters and policy makers ought to know what's involved in a DIY abortion, seeing as restricting legal abortion rights will spur self-abortion and back alley abortion.

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