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March 13, 2006


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i remember an art history professor, in really strained, rather high-pitched, british-accented tones, trying to describe a similar krater. " here, there's some hanky-panky of sorts..and, uh, um...well, they really had a different religion from us." that would be at UCLA, circa 1998. i lol'd then, too.

'...fucking go back much further in history than we may usually assume.' Well. In general Sexuality, as you say 'fucking', - an ancient code is deep in us, we live with him inside. Those fucking figures are the most beautiful things in Univers. We live in love and go in love. That is a most important formula of existence.

Last year I had a very funny Greek ( and a punkrocker too!) art history professor. He was very outspoken when it came to the seedy stuff in Greek art and the class had some good laughs from his lectures. I remember how all of a sudden he said " Those are dicks!" as none of my classmates understood what a phallus was.

"Good sex" is a highly individual and unique experience. How you perceive sex has a lot to do with what you've learned about it, how it's viewed by your society or culture, and what value you place on it as a part of your life.
In the context of an ongoing sexual relationship, good sex can mean knowing what you want and what your partner wants, knowing how to talk about it comfortably, and never being forced to do anything you don't want to do.

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