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August 13, 2005


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Nice work, Mithra. He completely side-stepped my comment in the post about you when he responded to me. I'm somewhat shocked that he didn't address white power boy at all, though:

The Democratic party is built on anti-white racism; without that it would collapse.

That's the core audience Jarvis has been carefully cultivating with all of those Instalanches and Malkinlanches. Let's face it, people aren't stopping by for the long-winded "citizen journalist" posts. You'd think he would've thrown a "damn straight" in the direction of the little fella. Or, conversely, if he really is the liberal he claims to be, a "what in the fuck are you talking about, David Duke?"

Carefully cultivating? It seems more instinctual than deliberate to me. Jeff's more of a wanna be groupie than a ring leader.

Jeff's more of a wanna be groupie than a ring leader.

He is, but he's also clever. He knows marketing, and branding, and product positioning. Too bad he doesn't know honesty and integrity, too.

Why do you even bother?

The business of Jarvis is promoting Jarvis. The guy is an old media whore who has seen the writing on the wall and is desperately grasping at straws in an attempt to remain relevant.

His only problem is he doesn't know which the way the wind is blowing and rather than being caught going in the wrong direction he plays both ends. He's Kos without the readership or intelligence and Charles Johnson without the courage and conviction required to pick a place and stay there. Jarvis defines mediocrity and despite his protestations to the contrary is one of the most politically correct bloggers out there.

Like Jeff often says, consider the source.

If I were a chick I wouldn't date a blogger if he were the last fecund male on the face of the earth.

Wow, these blog pissing contests are boring, right though you may be, when you wrestle with a pig, you just get dirty and it annoys the pig.

btw, it's spelled "djinn".

I am just appalled! Jeff Jarvis personally knew people who died on 9/11! Jeff Jarvis can NEVER be criticized — not ever!

He knows marketing, and branding, and product positioning.

I don't see much evidence of that. I'll admit he's fantastic at self promotion, a sort of self branding and he certainly positions himself as a product, but someone who has these skills usually has a track record of doing this for others, not just themselves.

Maybe I'm just missing it and he's got a track record a mile long...

Jarvis banned me years ago for being a troll, using the work fuck in his comments and thereby harming his child, not posting under my own name, and actually while not nearly as clear or knowledgable as you, trying to participate in the debate.

I adopted Moses Wine a few weeks ago and was very polite and never trollish on Roger Simon's site, but he took only 10 days to ban me.

Jarvis' key is that he is an old boy in the old boy network of journalists. And by posing as lib that bites libs he makes a claim to objectivity. So few real journalists will smear him, and most will go to him for a quote.

But most of what he does is contradictory and hypocritical and nonsensical.

You do have him pegged, he is yet another blabbermouth that tries to authoritatively spew on any issue of the day, regardless of how little they know about it. Andrea Harris too.

CBS screwed up in a major way, the screw-up was revealed, Rather has apologized (and I assume will again on-air) and the president of CBS news has apologized.

You mean unlike this



If you name your blog a term of endearment for your "vibrator" people might be inclined to make sexual suggestive comments and inyerendos.

If you won't say it, I will: if you supported Bush's decision to invade Iraq, just at the moment that the inspectors were correctly declaring Iraq to be WMD-free, you aren't a liberal. End of story.

"btw, it's spelled "djinn"."

No. It's spelled "gin", loser.

We are not talking about Ali Baba, genies and magic lamps here.

It may have reference to a cotton gin.

clearly JJ doesn't actually know what a troll is. he should check out some liberal sites sometime. since he is such a liberal and all.

Wow. My cat just tossed up something very like what remains of Jeff Jarvis. Better informed obviously.

Nice work. :-)

Those threads made me teary-eyed with nostalgia. We used to really talk.

It's like I don't know you any more.

What kind of corporate lawyer doesn't support our preznit? You are a strange person, Mithras.

Is the comments section at Jarvis still filled with loons? It really doesn't reward being taken seriously. I remember 'Hubris' from my couple of weeks. Best of all was 'Kit' or 'Kat' or whatever her name was, who sauntered in with posts that resembled the addled jottings of a schizophrenic taped to a telephone pole.

Jarvis and his site aren't worth even a line of copy. He's a simpering coward, and he gets the comments he deserves.

Re: Spain,

It wasn't just that they voted out the government that brought them into the war, but they voted out the government that then went on to lie about the cause of the bombing. So in other words, the Spaniards voted out a government that got caught in a lie (and btw, continues to try to link ETA to the 3/11 bombings).

Would that my fellow Americans had had the good sense to do the same last November.

Hi, "djangone." I actually remember reaching some kind of mutual understanding with you. Try reaching through the archives to find where I was a "loon."

Don't be embarrassed just 'cause the kool kidz are watching. As I remember, while we were civil to each other, you were still totally badass. Really. Fierce.

Oh yeah, Hubris. I was probably thinking about someone named H0mi or god knows. Or is H0mi on my 'side?' The mists of time and all. Certainly there were about 20 loons for every one semi-decent commenter. I was more referring to Kat, who tends to stand out in my memory for her dementia.

Jarvis is good buddies with John Gibson at Faux News, and backed him to the hilt after the British TV regulators slapped Gibson down for lying through his fat ass. (Faux is broadcast on Murdoch's satellites in the UK: audience, approx. 12.)

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