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August 24, 2005


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Yep. No surprises there; I'm glad Atrios is staying on it.

First they came for the fags, but I'm like not a fag so I didn't say anything ....
Well, we all know how that story ends and minds like Volokhs just help us rationalise the killing.

"Citing statistics doesn't mean you're not a bigot; using polite langauge does not keep you from being an extremist."

Excellent. That's worth saving and repeating.

Why does W hate women? especially while he's honoring the 85th anniversary of the 19th Amendment...

Yeah, those Republicans who favor gay marriage are real anti-gay extremists. Thanks for pointing it out to the rest of us. Courage.

those Republicans who favor gay marriage are real anti-gay extremists

Nice. He's against gay marriage as currently implemented, but would be in favor of it if it were done a different way, so that proves he's not a bigot for saying that gay men are dangerous disease-bearing vectors infecting kids.

And some Republicans thought Saddam was behind 9/11, so that makes the Iraq war a good idea, no matter what.

I love right-wing logic!

Well, no. He's in favor of adopting gay marriage democratically; that isn't to say that he wouldn't oppose gay marriage if it were adopted differently, but rather that he would vote for it (and has advocated it on his blog). He does oppose US judicial efforts to re-define marriage, but of course that's not the only way that changes are being made to marriage laws worldwide. In some countries, they have a democratic debate and decide democratically.

And, despite your (not surprising) inability to comprehend his posts, he's never said what you suggest he said.

If one were looking for logic, they wouldn't look to you, master of the non sequitur. I mean, Saddam! Iraq! Ergo, Volokh's a bigot! ain't exactly the high point of logical argumention.

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