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August 06, 2005


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I've seen DNA. It's very liberal.

From CNN: "Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, who was the county prosecutor when Diaz was convicted, did not return a call for comment Wednesday."

Damn conservatives.

Another Mithras just-so story.

Hee hee! Janet Reno is a liberal now! Now, that's a just-so story.

Using physical evidence from one of the rapes that was tragically preserved from the time of his crimes, the "test" "proves" that Diaz "could not possibly be" the person who committed the rapes.

This is the part that got me. I feel like I'm always reading about evidence that is unavailable for testing.

Don't you people know that evidence is a bad thing (unless it's planted, that is)? It exonerates the innocent and punishes the guilty and if we start doing that our government is in really big trouble!

"liberal liars" hunh?

Does that mean Clinton's not a liberal either? He did go back to Arkansas during the campaign in order to ensure executions. Seems like political expediency; few Democrats can be nationally viable (or even just viable in Florida) without being "tuff on crime."

As for the Innocence Project, it's among many liberal works that's assumed by conservatives.

Clinton's a moderate. Always was, always will be. Just because he's my moderate doesn't make him any less moderate.

Most rapists are innocent. In fact, rape should be a misdemeanor. In fact, rape is cool. Fiscal conservatism and law-and-order are WACK! I say, even if 99.9% of people on death row deserve it, the 0.1% make it necessary to set them all free. Only conservatives hate rape, not good progressives.

So Jeb Bush is a liberal?

...and by the way, did you know that Katherine Fernandez Rundle is a Democrat? Not that I think that means anything about Democrats in general, but then, I'm not into the hasty generalization game.

Boy, it's a real struggle for your conservative guests to keep track of whether they're supposed to be using irony.

Perhaps, once we're done reinstating science in the classroom, we can have irony class - How to Recognize Irony, How to Use Irony Your Ownself, etc.

wow, two trolls in one thread, that's kind of a compliment isn't it? like your windows being so clean that two birds ram into it, rattling their little bird-brains. "what was that?" says bird one, shaking his tiny bird head to clear the cobwebs. "Lord, I dunno!" sez bird two, "i think it was the limits of my intelligence! I'm gonna go troll Mithras!"
Bird one: "Yeah! Hey, what's irony?"

Hey, everybody, look! Garth is showing off some of that fancy left-wing humor!

It's funny! He said "little bird brains." Get it? It's great stuff!

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