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August 22, 2005


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Reminds me that a few years ago a school kid in Buffalo was sent home for a dress code violation because he showed up in a Sabres jersey celebrating his favorite player: #81, Miroslav Satan, of Slovakia.

The player just signed a new contract with the New York Islanders but evidently still has an unlisted phone number. ;-)

Stalin isn't a real last name. It was a psuedonym. His real last name was O'neill. O'neill (he was actually from Georgia).

There used to be a lot of Hitler's, but after World War II a lot of them changed their name and castrated themselves. Maybe if you have some time we can get together and track them down in order to harrass them.


This is a completely random topic.
Keep up the good work!

My wife is a fan of the trivia books "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader." They had a section in the most recent on eshe bought about Adolph Hitler's nephew. He was a US citizen and tried to enlist in the US Navy during WW2 and was denied. He had 4 sons who all changed their names and made a pact never to have children.

So, no Joe Hitler, either? Diddy beat me to it, but since I'm a big hockey fan, Miroslav Satan was the first name that popped into my head as I finished reading this post.

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