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August 01, 2005


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I remember the days of my childhood, on the shores of nantuckett,underneath the bleachers, looking at the nether regions of Helen Thomas,as my brother John,showed her what it meant to be a woman..

Well, Volokh seems to bring out a lesser class of troll. I don't even know what they're talking about.

so much of the bigotry you purport to condemn...

Yes, clearly you are rubber and I am glue. I bow to your grade-school retort.

I especially enjoyed the fortune cookie comment, because racist remarks are what makes our side look so great...

Man, you have a dirty mind.

Tarnation,in mah day,we'd a taht dat boy Klarence Thomas a lesson. Instead of da swing vote,he'd be swingin from a tree u know waht ah mean. An wat kanda name is 'Kondoleeza" anywho?? Sounds like a vereneral disease to mee..

It is so interesting your use of racist, bigoted commentary.

Here I was thinking those on the left were open minded and above that sort of thing.

Thanks for reminding and demonstrating that the left can be just as horrid as the right.

I declare!!!whats with a country named "NIGER"?!?!?!? Can't dose jungle bunnies even spell that raht?? In mah day eben dat Martin Lucifer Koon knew better dan to marry a waht woman.I recollect afta dat "I have a Scheme" speech JFK sent him some nekked pics of ol Martin bumpin uglies wit some hows..dey wont no 'crack'hows in dat day..jus plain old hows.

Has gained prominence by posting a lot and never making his audience think

Of course!

And the extent of your thinking includes catagories such as 'Fucking and related' and 'Stupid People'.


And the extent of your thinking includes catagories such as 'Fucking and related' and 'Stupid People'.

Heh. Indeed.

You have to love when the left shows it's true tolerant colors. A post like the one above makes conservatives stronger and weakens the arguments of liberals. Please keep the crudeness alive and I hope you receive all the traffic you so well deserve. God, I love liberals they make our jobs as conservatives so much easier. Without them who would we have to laugh at? We are laughing at you. You keep squeeling and we will keep winning elections and padding our majority.

Keep up the work.

I SAY BOY..wat kinda name is Lance anywho?!? Like that boy wit the one nut in that bie-cicle race.We don't cotton to no pansy limp wrist lances wo I come from. My bro Strom..before he turned an me an switched to the Repuplican pahty,he new hah to dew it..he fucked a young nigra gurl..15 ah buhleeve...ah tole him he dint need to pay know chald suport..jus gib her a watermelon evry jew-lie an she be heppy


"User info for mithras:


Email: [email protected]

Bio: I'm your basic, harmless Philadelphia pervert with a law degree who likes to beat people and talk about politics and policy. Kind of like Ben Franklin, except not an Ambassador and I don't look good in half glasses.

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Wow - now that's waht I call busted

This is George Bush. Yeah, I snorted coke back in the 70's!I did acid,pot,heroin,and drank like a fish too. And I'm still doin it now you fucks, why do you think i go to texas for a month every summer? Why do you think i dont really give a shit about border security? Why do I have to make that "Important" trip to Pakistan next month? Ive been in some K-holes that make Barney Franky look hot.

If Mithras had tits, he would be a horrid little he must have tits. I wonder how he got them. Must be a freak of nature.

Trite, white and spiteful.

Thanks for the rundown of those ten sites. How cool that you even got some of them to comment. Ace!

Stop the italics.

Darfur is important but its use is a con job on right wing blogs.

And with Uzbekistan kicking the US out, let's remember radical right blogs versus lefty blogs responses to the massacre in Uzbekistan

And this isn't lefty warhawks. This is true red blooded liberals worried about human rights violations being performed by a US ally's US armed/US trained military.

The Busheviks and the radical right bloggers can't call a human rights abuse by an ally a human rights abuse. And that works straight across the world for every US ally in every situation.


"Dry Drunk" -- Dean Esmay is a recovering alcoholic!! Got-DAMN!! That's funny!!! He's a recovering alcoholic! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Judging from the sheer numbers of trolls wallowing around here I daresay you hit a nerve, Tacitus.

Keep up the good work :)

I denigrated her for being an affirmative-action hire in the anti-affirmative action party, not for being a woman.

"If she didn't have tits, she'd be stuck writing at"

So are you denigrating her for not being a man?

Here's why the left is different from the right.

Anyone can argue anything on little green footballs. As long as they're not threatening or obscene.

I made some comments on Daily Kos for the first time a couple of days ago and my comments were erased and some "Armando" guy erased them and bragged about it.

He wrote "The SCOTUS is extraordinary".

I wrote...

"I think I've figured out "The SCOTUS is Extraordinary". Since the left will break any agreement they enter into (remember the Vietcong? Okay, how about North Korea?) Armando's mantra is that the Gang of 14 agreement doesn't apply to the very Supreme Court Justices it was designed to apply to. Appointment to the life tenured position is "extraordinary". But everybody knows that ruse...

What is really cool about the use of the phrase on Kos is that Armando uses it when he censors Kos user comments! He's saying, look at me! I don't have to be voted in! I've got life tenure by virtue of my appointment by Kos! My power to remove opposing opinions indicates absolute, unrestrained power. Armando is saying, "Armando is God"!

He's showing us what life under the control of the left would be like. How cool, and honest is that?"

So they banned me. Cool.

What are 3 things you can't give an African American?? 1:A fat lip 2: a Black eye 3: a job. HAHAHAHAHA ARGGHGHHHAREEEEEEEEGGGGG!!!!!

Can any in here hear the echo chamber? The characterizations of these right wing bloggers is ridiculous. Fair criticisms could be made, but the accusations in your top ten list are just silly. There is room in a democracy for debate and some jibes on the side, but this post is just insulting.

Okay, look, kids. If you can't play nice, I am going to turn this car around.

I mean it. Don't test me. I brought into this world, and I can take you out.

And if you keep crying, I will give you something to cry about.

reel cobra, Armando didn't ban you, the community thought your post worthless and rated it to invisibility for all but 'trusted users.'

I'm pretty sure I'm banned on LGF. In one week of posting in spring 2004 I was told about ten times to FOAD, called a traitor, asked why I hated America and worse, much worse. The reason? I posted backup quotes from Admin officials and others who used the term 'stockpiles' in a thread in which 90% of the posters claimed that nobody had ever claimed Iraq had 'stockpiles.' I posted statistics regarding income in red vs. blue states in response to claims that Democrats were a drag on the economy. The sin of being factual among the whackos was enough to get me, most likely, banned.

There you go. Now run along someplace where gullible people simpletons' fibs.

djangone: The sin of being factual among the whackos was enough to get me, most likely, banned.

Yeah? Or maybe it was this.

Ya think?

You people are sad. Why not refute their ideas in a specific manner combining resourced facts with opinion? Are you all that empty?

Please stop telling people the Powerline losers are from Minnesota! We kicked those fuckers out a long time ago but they keep coming back like an infected zit. We disowns them.

We kicked those fuckers out a long time ago but they keep coming back like an infected zit. We disowns them.

That's not very inclusive, or respectful of alternate viewpoints.

You must be one o' them conservative fascist types.

Posts like these and the resulting flame wars in the comments above are a perfect example of the mind-blowing idiocy that seems typical of both the left-wing and right-wing sides of the blogosphere. I wonder when you children will ever tire of calling each other names.


I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.


Anyone can argue anything on little green footballs. As long as they're not threatening or obscene.

LOL. Chuckie Johnson has a list of banned IPs that, if printed out, would stretch from here to Mars. 'Argument' on Little Green Fascists consists of debating whether Muslims should be nuked or chopped into small pieces.

Okay, look, kids. If you can't play nice, I am going to turn this car around.

Whoa! Are you looking in the mirror as you say this? Are you playing adult now?

Is it time perhaps for a new category? Say, Stupid Fucking Kids, for instance? It would go well with Stupid People, and Fucking and related.

Brilliant wit you have, Mithras!

Oh look, Mithras "Da Mentil Midjut" just said "tits"! Kowabunga dude!

Most surprising is that I'm responding to this cow patty of a blog post. I guess I'm bored. Oh well, since I'm here I may as well make my comment appealing to pimple-faced eighth-graders the world over ...


There. Please wipe after you're done.

Why is that when someone does not agree with a Liberal you attack them? And often it is the case you attack them using racist or homophobic language - like when you attack Michelle Malkin. I hear it all the time from people on the left once they find out that I am gay & conservative (note I did not say a Republican). You really should try practicing what you preach.

Pretty good read of the barren RW Internet Landscape.

I dunno, it must be a bitch to have to support an AWOL neer-do-weel and a world-class war profiteer who are sacrificing our kids for Exxon's bottomline. I remember when they used to pretend to have principles. You know, "State Rights", "Balanced Budgets", "keep the government out of my bedroom", "smaller government", "No nation building". Amazing how they've shitcanned their principles to maintain their grip on political power. The only principle I see from the Right today is "whatever it takes to keep the political status quo".

Jeez...I thought it was actually pretty funny - except the Malkin crack which didn't surprise me for reasons stated by so many on the right that I won't go into here.

I'm assuming that this was pretty much of a "throw away" post...which is how I approached my response. The fact that it's generated so much angst is amazing. I guess if there's a lesson to be learned it's "There's no such thing as a throw away post..."

Evidently Type Key is still using my "nom de blog..."

Rick Moran

Good piece on the whiny, geeky, vacuous right wing. We posted our own piece on the characteristics that seem to distinguish this fairly sickening crowd and directed readers to your piece. If interested see our post and follow up to your piece titled "The Whiny Right Wing" at Truth and Lies: Blog for A Better America

I find it fairly disquieting that there has been no one who has said that this list may be out of line. I have to admit that I do not subscribe to the far leaning left, but then again I do not lean to the extreme right. I would hope that the article is tongue-in-cheek and not the honest opinion of the writer. While I understand your anger I have some serious misgivings at how you portrayed Michelle Malkin. You may not agree with her but I feel that it is unnecessary and unfair to attack her gender and her ethnic background. What happened to the left that stood up for the rights of women and minorities? I truly hope it is not gone. I would think that regardless of which side of the political fence one stood on that the left would always be willing to extend out their hand in acceptance and friendship. To conclude, I find the list something beneath those that want true political discourse. I love the flow of ideas. When the flow of ideas stops you end up with autocracy. I truly hope this is not what the left wishes for this great country

M Davis

I stand corrected; there have been dissenting voices. I didn’t see them until after I had posted. Apparently I hadn’t traveled far enough down the list. My apologies. I stand by the rest though

M Davis

Well, I suppose you got the attention you wanted by looking to insult as many more famous bloggers as you could think of in the hopes of getting links back. (The sexist one about Malkin and the references to Esmay's drinking are especially classy.)

Whether that will translate into ongoing readership is doubtful. Certainly the high school nastiness of the jabs does not exactly inspire me to find out your opinions on, say, CAFTA.

ain't nothing funnier than a very bitter lib. wow, this site is so revolutionary that it uses sarcasm!!! how groundbreaking, lame.

Oh lord, Powerline linked to this. No wonder the freeperati are out.

Look, to the one or two people reading this who actually are not idiots, I am criticizing Malkin for being a hypocrite, not for being a woman or for being of Phillipine descent. A mediocre writer is elevated to prominence because of her gender and ethnicity by a social movement that claims to abhor affirmative action, and does so precisely to advance their position that affirmative action is unnecessary. If you can explain to me how one would go about pointing that out without mentioning that the mediocre writer is female and an ethnic minority, I would like to hear it.

Actually, I think the real problem is that I used the word "tits", and right wingers get all hot and bothered by such language.


Tacitus on his worst day is so far over you libnuts' pointy heads that your tripe resembles nothing so much as cavemen bellowing and hucking spears and at a solar eclipse. You're raging at something, but you just can't wrap your tiny Homo Erectus brains around it. Hey, but at least you're walking upright and you can chip flint!

And your bloglist -- one of those high-school love/hate mash notes where one simultanously despises the listees and oh-so-desperately wants to be noticed, accepted, and liked by them. Don't worry, those braces will come off soon and you'll eventually outgrow the zits.


Rick Moran-
I'm assuming that this was pretty much of a "throw away" post...which is how I approached my response. The fact that it's generated so much angst is amazing. I guess if there's a lesson to be learned it's "There's no such thing as a throw away post..."

DING DING DING. You win the prize! Let me know where to send it.

Good catch! How incredibly pathetic that you looked it up. Now read the thread and you'll see me doing precisely what I said I was doing.

I've decided that I need to issue an apology for this post.

Great list. How many of the listed Right Wing blogs allow comments? Zero? Chicken-dookies!

While Captain's Quarters and Dean Esmay allow comments, they both booted me. Ed at CQ was originally pretty tolerant, and defended me from his RW foamer coterie. But eventually it got to be too much for him to handle when I was ripping the SBVATT and their fans on his blog, while he was on a one-man crusade to spread their lies and bile far and wide.... Dean Esmay got in a snit because I accused him of brown-shirt tendencies for demanding that I be banned from his wife's marginal blog. Whereupon she banned me ("Ve vill haf nooooo dissent!" ... *ROFL*), and he banned me on first sight when I made a totally innocuous comment on his blog.....

Sure, there's some commenting allowed, but if you are effective and begin to hurt them, they'll ban you in a femtosefcond....



You people are not slightly racist, are you?

This is why a person seldom can have a conversation with a lefty. It is always very upfront and personal. Ugly.

Another difference between the major right and left blogs is the absence of policemen on the left. That woman you made such a nasty comment about, yesterday I noticed called down some righty comments about Jennings. I agreed and appreciated it. After watching him for many years, I changed channels but I have enough decency to say RIP.

And yes, I read almost all of the above.

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