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August 08, 2005


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OMG, You are too funny. I usually don't share my political orientation, well because I don't have Except that I am definitely not conservative. I think your apology was right on and if stuffy people can't take it they shouldn't read it...lmao

Lt. "Pete Mitchell", USN


Nice try, wingnut

take your copy of Top Gun out of the DVD player and step away from the TV...NOW

Say high to Goose and Iceman for me, dingleberry

Sorry, this wasn't clearly labeled. was it supposed to be funny? I guess I'm too stupid to understand. I mean, it wasn't funny. Not in an offensive way, but more like how a rock isn't funny. A blank tv screen isn't funny. Perhaps you don't understand the difference. I'll try to explain. I don't find your work offensive, are these words too big for you? I just don't see what's funny. It's like a calculator. See my point? A calculator isn't funny in and of itself. Something is missing.

No wonder no one votes for you.

Mary, I realise you're a conservative, and thus essentially stupid, but more people wanted Gore for President than wanted Bush.

I see, so it is ok to be liberal and make racist, offensive comments about someone as long as you reach for the "Just kidding" button days later.

Next time a conservative does the same and makes an off hand comment in public about someone based on their race, gender or both, I'll be sure to look for the "Look, he/she was just kidding" post on this blog.

Just so we are clear.

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