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June 11, 2005


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Well, the density and incuriousness of the American public is enough of an obstacle without Michael Kinsley (who used to edit Harper's and had some credibility until he decided to mud-wrestle with Susan Estrich) popping off in the pages of the LA Times about how the blogosphere's Loony Left has gotten its panties in a bunch over some no-news memo that doesn't prove a thing about Bush's intentions, and how we poor deluded fools are weaving conspiracy theories out of information that was in plain sight clear back in 2002. His piece drips with such disdain and scorn that I woudn't be surprised if LGF and the RNC sticky-post it on their front pages for the next two weeks.

With ex-liberals like Kinsley purging the ranks of us "fringe elements", who needs Karl Rove?

Haloscan is all screwed up, so the only way I could reply was to come back over here. Polenta. Here's what I'm trying ot put up over there:

No, m., no comparison being made here. But although those of us who are newshounds or policy wonks or just ornery cusses were onto this back in 2002, the average American wasn't---in part because of the bovine cud-chewing apathy that so characterizes our people much of the time, but also in good part because the news purveyors of the nation failed and continue to fail so abominably in their job, which is to pass information to their readers and listeners.

The temptation to take up the opposition's weaponry and spin the shit out of things is almost irresistable, but in the end that doesn't help clarify and cleanse our public dialogue or polity. Only honor and courage will do that, and speaking the truth and standing behind it. All the rest only degrades our ability to communicate with each other, to trust each other, and to have faith that we have the ability to make the changes needed to oust these heartless charlatans.

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