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April 04, 2005


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One of my theories about the people running the Republican party today is that they are convinced that America is doomed, and they are just trying to control the timetable and path of its destruction by serving as the instrument of that destruction.

I go further. I think they have an active interest in the bankrupting of the country. I can't figure out how they think it would all shake out, but it's the only thing that explains their behavior. Especially the way they work tirelessly to be sure we don't do what we do best, which is lead the world in innovation. (energy innovation would put us right back on top again and for a very long time) Your example of them looting a failing company is a good one, but looting is what they have always done the best. It feels different this time.

Yes, that's what I mean by them being the instrument of the country's downfall. The energy innovation thing is a good example, as is the bizarre aversion to science generally.

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