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March 31, 2005


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I've never seen a more disgusting swarm of fucking leeches in my life.

Ever since the first caveman learned that he could get by without having to hunt like the others if he learned to talk to the Great Sky Neanderthal, these fuckers have been drinking the blood of mankind.

As a (much) wiser man than Yours Truly once said:

Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. - Denis Diderot

Myself, I'm just envious of the headgear.

Eligere prefers Tibetan Buddhism. Excellent headgear, but rarely an eruption of malevolence.

Hey, I want that headgear too. I'll sell it on EBay.

However, even these self-righteous dictators have their rights too. They should have the right to be against something just as others have the right to be for something. It's called Freedom.

Eligere prefers Tibetan Buddhism.

Hmmm, if I recall correctly, his Holiness the Dalai Lama was not too keen on the man-man or girl-girl thing, either.

They should have the right to be against something just as others have the right to be for something. It's called Freedom.

And I have the right to be against them for being against something. Yes?

You don't recall correctly. Here are some representative remarks:

His Holiness opened his remarks by thanking the group for the trust it expressed in sharing its
concerns with him. "Discrimination is very sad", he said. He offered to discuss his views from
two separate perspectives, first from the perspective of society and human rights and secondly
from the perspective of a Buddhist practitioner.

From a societal and social perspective, His Holiness said, "it is wrong for society to reject people
on the basis of their sexual orientation". He recognized that such rejection causes human suffering.

He stated that "your movement to gain full human rights is reasonable and logical". There is "no
harm in mutually agreeable sexual acts" and "it is wrong for anyone to look down on gay people",
he added. He further stated that he is opposed to discrimination based on sexual orientation and
that Buddhist principle support the struggle of all people for equal treatment and full human rights.

There are Buddhists texts that look upon homosexuality as sexual misconduct, but as H.H. points out, they are directed at monks. He also says:

In response to a question by Steven Peskind, co-founder of the Buddhist Aids Project, His
Holiness stated that the proscribed sexual activities, for a Buddhist practitioner, constitute
misconduct but that a person committing such misconduct can still be a Buddhist. Sexual
misconduct is only one of 10 negative activities and a Buddhist practitioner should strive to
increasingly avoid these negative activities. He also added that it is better for a Buddhist
practitioner to engage in proscribed sexual activities, if suppression of such desires would
have more negative consequences, such as aggression or violence due to frustration. Thus,
he said "it is always important to look to the context of a proscribed activity".

They wear lots of lovely dresses for guys who hate gays. As to the Pope, the story goes out of its way to mention that he was "bitter" after this group paraded in Rome last year. (last year?) Next? Mecca!

They wear lots of lovely dresses for guys who hate gays.

Not to mention the frilly unmentionables underneath.

Next? Mecca!

Would it were.

pictured at center: the Sith lord

crikey, is lucas a gay activist?

I wrote briefly on something similar back in January, when I discovered an article in The Guardian on how Christian and Islamic fundamentalists were combining to push their "family values" agendas through at the U.N. Amazingly similar in their intolerance and opressive medieval ideas, they found common ground to not only persecute gays, but deny women's rights and access to birth control, among other things.

To badly mangle Tolstoy, all unhappy religions are alike.

Great post, M! We liked this photo, too!

News Photo of the Century - J'lem Clerics of ALL Faiths Condemn Gays

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