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March 10, 2005


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Spent foolishly? I don't think so. They’ll recoup that money soon enough. A pretzel(!) will draw people into the casino and once there they have to try the slots, they have to experience gambling. It is very modern. It's our contemporary religious pilgrimage. Las Vegas is the American Mecca.

I need to submit a correction to this story. The fifth sentence after the rhetorical question, "The buyer?" is incorrect. It should read: "A dumbass."

Simultaneous comments with diametrically opposed views. Yet you're both right, gentlemen. Lenny, they will get a good return on this investment. When I said "spent foolishly", I should have said "spend its own money in an apparently foolish but actually quite clever manner". And Jeff, yes, in the larger sense, they're dumbasses.

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