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March 19, 2005


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Yeah, well, I'm unlikely to give him the benefit of the doubt again.

Because I'm an unforgiving bitch like that.

You notice the topic of giving women bloggers the benefit of the doubt does not seem to enter his mind.

I don't think it's possible for me to belittle him more than I already have. Even *I* have my limits.

There's something else going on, too, that I think is quite interesting. With few exceptions, the women who were recently added to Drum's blogroll last time around are either (a)strangely silent now or (b)sticking up for him.

Wassup wit dat?

Shorter argument on the Drum issue:
Bush is president of the U.S.
Ergo, no one else is much interested in representing the American public, and Bush is the preferred candidate, and Bush is the candidate most interested in making substantive changes in government on behalf of the voting public.

"Politically correct blowback"? Fuck you, Dahlia. The evidence of trenchant, incisive, combative female writing is all over the internet, and only people with a death grip investment in keeping the dialogue in the same old ditch would be making the weak-kneed claims that she and Drum are making about the dearth of female writers.

I am so weary of this conversation. It's the same conversation people were having in 1969. And 1939. And 1919. Ad nauseum.

In the absence of something substantive to talk about, talk about (blog-centered) identity politics!

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