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December 02, 2004


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Ok, I am showing these to Mr. B., by way of inspiration. Our house needs painting and the floors need to be refinished (and, in a perfect world where we hadn't already spent money redoing the kitchen, we'd put wood down on the steps, which are currently freezing cold, ugly, slippery linoleum.

But--don't hate me--we did paint the kitchen orange.


I think the house is a fine example of pre-lobotomy provincial obviously influenced by the late 1960's LSD trend.

I'm not a Flyers or Red Wings fan, but those hockey tickets are cool.

And I don't think the phrase "fucking cat pictures" truly embodies the spirit of catblogging. (But what do I know, I'm a dog person)

I'm with rachel. There's a reason all those renovation shows are so popular. I'm already eager to see the progress you make with the lime kitchen. And all that wood in the living room is going to be gorgeous. I love stairs; I think they're beautiful - even after having fallen down a full flight twice in my life.

Good luck.

Come on, Mithras. You're a liberal, and so can not be renovating or otherwise doing anything constructive. Shouldn't you be out drinking a $15.00 green-tea latte while using your Volvo to kidnap 13-year old boys, indoctrinate them in the vile ways of Marxism, then force them to gay marry a Frenchman, but only after impregnating their sister, refusing to marry her, and then suing the whole family for emotional distress?

That looks like a great project, reclaiming the house from the insanity of the prior owners. I helped a friend of mine pull up the shag in his house a couple years ago, revealing hardwood floors --- into which the carpeter had simply stapled the carpet pad. What the hell was that about?

That is the most bizzare kitchen I have ever seen in my life to date.
I wonder if you can find the previous owner's crack stash somewhere in there.

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