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October 25, 2004


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One of my volunteers just bagged on me. My begging was unpersuasive and my shouts of "Judas!" offensive.

I don't get it. It's just a few more days of hard work.

Just do what I do. Take one of their family members hostage and make ominous statements about what might happen if Kerry doesn't win. Seems to work. Let me know if you need help; I still have space in my basement.

I can't be there on election day and I'll be working on my own GOTV efforts down here but I would like to donate some money to feed the volunteers.

I've been canvassing here in Lancaster City/County, trying to keep Bush's margin tighter in Central PA, so you can pile on in Philly. I will be a pollwatcher on Tuesday in a county where most of the judges of election are Republicans. I have been extremely encouraged by the numbers of Lancastrians who have turned out for canvassing or for GOTV training. Bush will be here tomorrow to pray with the Amish again, but I like the mood and I like our odds.

Lancaster -- Home of the Smoketown Six

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