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October 13, 2004


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Let me see if I follow this - you want to get laid. So you hire a woman to help you get laid, but you do not sleep with the woman you hire. Instead, she goes out looking for other women, pretending to be a friend of yours, in the hope that her implied seal of approval will result in your getting laid by one of these other women at some indeterminate point in the future.

Did I get that right? I hope so, because my head hurts.

LOL Gib, my thoughts exactly.

The thing that offends me most is the stupid social biology bullshit explanation. As opposed, say, to the idea that maybe women find a guy who's with a woman less threatening. But hey, it's so great to believe that women compete for the valuable and rare privilege of your own personal dick, rather than believing they think you're, well, a dick.

putting on my horns to play devil's advocate (or imp. I don't think I'm worthy of the title of full "devil")

I do find it amusing that people seem to believe that humans popped up on the planet with no evolutionary baggage carried from the previous 5 billion years they've been slogging around in the filth.

Take a look at a baboon colony if you want to see where we came from. And just look at our own recorded and semi-recorded history. Filled with male dominance and harems.

It's part of our reality and if we don't even see it or acknowledge it, we're never - ever - going to change it.

Evolution isn't pretty - it's practical.

Having said that, I think it's the mark of our modern species that we are no longer bound to our evolutionary past in the same way animals are. It's the mark of the progression of civilization to normalize the roles in our sexually dimorphic primate species.

But it doesn't disappear over night.

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