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September 28, 2004


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Bloglines is great. I use a couple other tools as well: (1) gmail, which allows me to email myself entire Post and Times articles indefinitely and search them later when something related pops up; and (2) Furl, for webcontent that I can't easily email to myself.

I haven't started using furl. That's a great use of gmail - I'll give it a shot. Bloglines theoretically allows you to search your feeds (or all blogs!) for key words, but I find it doesn't work real well.

Bloglines search function does pretty much suck. I hope that's one of the next things they upgrade.

I signed up at I'm a tech lightweight so it seems to be fine for me. I want to try that gmail idea. Usually I count on being able to remember posts I want and then find them with Google - not very reliable.

The real problem with news articles is that they tend to time out on the original sites. But context and continuity are exactly the things that current reporting fails to do. So... I use the tools I have to try to provide that, at least for myself.

Let me know how that Kinja experiment goes; I can export my blog list from Bloglines easily enough.

I have lotsa gmail invites if people want them.

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