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July 30, 2004


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'Why do I think the Republican party is run by extremists? Why the fuck do you think?'

Because you're a moron? Is that the right answer?

You're right, the Republican party is run by extremists, just look at the convention line-up: Arnold, Giuliani, Pataki. The most conservative speaker is Democrat Zell Miller. Oh yeah, the extremists have taken over and are forcing the RINO moderates to speak in prime time to represent the party.

Karol, have you managed to miss every news report about how the RNC is deliberately putting its moderates up on the podium so as not to scare away moderate voters? Conservative Republicans have even objected to it.

There were plenty of blacks on display at the 2000 Convention. Did you think that all the Republican audience turned black, too?

Because you're a moron? Is that the right answer?

No, obviously, I blog because I'm a moron.

And just to second iocaste, the moment Giuliani, the Gropenfurher, Pataki and Miller (who you do realize is like a crazy old uncle, right?) have any kind of, you know, control of the party apparatus, instead of Cheney, Hastert, DeLay, Santorum and Lott, please inform me.

Until then, you support a party run by crazy, stupid bigots who have enough money to hire a great P.R. firm. You must be so proud.

Yeah, that's uh, real rational, coming from a Democrat. Everyone knows the Democrats are the party that LOVE black people and treat them like their inferiors only because they want to make things better for them. Sigh.

As for the 'extremist' comment above, who doesn't think Kerry is 'a French-speaking socialist from Boston, Massaschusetts, who is more liberal than Ted Kennedy'?

Me. (I don't know Kerry speaks French or not, but he's certainly no Socialist, isn't from Boston and is not more liberal than Ted Kennedy (who in and of himself aint that liberal either.) Oooh, give me another one, I'm good at this.

Karol and Dawn are at war everywhere!

I assume 'socialist' is the part you object to? Or do you consider 'French-speaking' an insult too? Socialist is unfair, though he does support socialized health care.

Also, Trent Lott is no longer a leader in the GOP, as of last year; I thought everyone knew that.

AFAIK he doesn't support "socialized health care" (or at least that's not part of his platform). that would be single payer, and Kerry isn't about that. Instead, he seems to advocate making it affordable for businesses to provide healthcare to employees, working essentially within the same system we have now.

The only thing that changed with regard to Lott's position is that he's no longer majority leader. Obviously, that's big, but he retained his position on all of his committees, and he's on some pretty powerful ones. Also, because of his years as majority leader and his seniority, he is still a leader in the party. Frist obviously is also a leader now, but the argument can be made (from those who are watching from the sidelines, and pulling commentary out of our asses) that Frist is losing so much credibility among his caucus that Lott (or somebody else, but probably Lott) is on the ascendency.

I don't think "French speaking" is an insult, but clearly Lott does, and clearly he thought his audience would also.

You must be so proud that they did, Karol.

syrup, I just did a search and I see that you are correct. I was mistaken about Kerry's health care plan.

Still, this seems like blowing things out of proportion. Lott took an unfair potshot at Kerry, fine, I don't see that as a sign of anyone's 'extremism'. If this is your threshold for outrage, I'd imagine you'd get outraged most every day, by politicians of all stripes.

Yaron is correct about Lott no longer holding a leadership position. I assumed that when he stepped down as majority leader he retained the conference secretaryship. In fact, Santorum holds that post. And no one has ever said Santorum was an extremist .... wait. Scratch that last part. Santorum is a right-wing nutbag who wants to put abortion doctors to death and round up gay people. But I was wrong about Lott holding a leadership post. My apologies.

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