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June 23, 2004


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Fuck. This is like here in Slovenia, where you just don't admit you did it and they aquit you.

Human beings suck. Never been happier to be a genetic anomaly on this planet.

This reminds me of those southern juries of the pre-civil rights era. No matter the evidence they would stubbornly stand by their own.

I guess that page hasn't been turned.

The idiots are still running the asylum.

What a Sad, Sad way for this young lady to die. It amazing how justice can be so cruel to let these hater go unpunished and to think that the lawyers that defended them have a soul. How sad for the world to have such people like this in the world.


I saw the movie today for the first time on lifetime.
It is so sad how fucking idiots can take a persons life away like they did to Gwen!
They will all get what they deserve in the next life!!!

I just watched the life time movie about Gwen and it moved me very much. It makes me sad for her family and all they went through. It must have been very tough but I give her family a lot of credit and I am praying for them. Know this, the men that beat her will never forget it and they will live with that EVERY DAY of thier lives. I hope that we all have learned a lesson in all of this. Some times we can be decieved by people and most of the time we don't know who they truly are because we don't take the time to truly know them, but lets not be too quick to judge them and then regret our actions! I wish the best for Gwens family and I know it's hard to see a loved one gone forever, but know this with every day that passes it gets better and better because one day you will be with them again.

As a transexual who has had an operation to change my genitalia to female organs and who is now legally a "woman" in the state of California, this. like any hate crime against any person because they are viewed by others as "less than human," I am appalled by what people do when a person is maligned by any means (words, actions and thoughts). Of couse, murder is despicable! However, I had to hide most of my life out of fear as to what I am. Really, a woman, who could not utter a word for so long that I waited until I was 45 to "come out," losing my family as it shall never be the same for they never put forth the effort to understand, to talk or to strive to maintain honest and true relationships once I revealed myself. This is how family alone has treated me. My wife treated me much better and we are still together. Combined with a sudden onset of a chronic illness, I know that I shall NEVER have a "real" relationship with those whom I used to be able to comfortably call "my family,"this is such a great loss that shall never be overcome and I accept it from the point of view of the person I authentically am.

To try to help others, I am now striving to continue to give workshops for medical professionals on how to deal with the "transgendered" in the hospital setting. I will also try to help those who are trying to come to grips with their sexual identity and to help them to adjust and to try to help others to be with them on their journey to their "true selves."

I HAVE to do something to try to make things better for all involved. It is part of my own nature.

[email protected]

I just saw her movie today, I was really touched by an angel, may she RIP. I hope that her untimely death will show us all and open our eyes, that we all love, cry, hurt, laught regardless of our color, sexual orietation and religion. Let us all try to understand that we are all different and that it is ok: Justice will be in the hand of GOD!!!!!

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