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June 19, 2004


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Bravo! I like people who don't suffer fools gladly! Life is too damned short to waste it on idiots.

"I'm An Asshole" ... "got a law degree"

Heh, at least it is keeping up with the stereotypes.

"what kind of threat is it to tell someone you're going to blog-ban them?"

Well, at least from IRC ppl do get very annoyed when they get banned. But I think it's partially punative and partially a way of removing ppl from the population (of commenters) who do more harm than good.

I think your argumentative style in that thread was far too much focusing on SH, rather than the subject at hand. Considering this I think that it will prolly be a good thing for ObWi, and it was justified via the ad-hom that you had thrown out.

Depending on why you comment, this may not concern you, but argueing in such a manner is just going to make it more likely that ppl will just skip your posts, like I generally do with SH's posts.

"Frankly, they just were there to give me somewhere to fight."
Interesting, I think that arguing with anybody over the internet is a waste of time, and my criterion for who to read is generally if they are good debators, and, come up with stuff good enough to change my mind.

I think your argumentative style in that thread was far too much focusing on SH...

Yeah, I get a tad annoyed and personal when people discuss in fake socratic detachment policy proposals that would wreck millions of (real, living) people's lives and put other on death row.

But thanks for sharing, F. Like I said, politeness is an ideology.

I've just read that comment thread, and I can't believe what a wuss Moe is being. That was hardly "uncivil". Heated, yes. Attacking Holsclaw's motives and inability to answer questions without attempting to change the subject, absolutely.

Moe is incredibly quick to jump on those who are on the opposite side of the isle than he is. Holsclaw was way over the line that Moe decided to draw for you. And if he's not going to demand an apology from Herr Holsclaw, he shouldn't be imposing one on you.

And Moe, in other blog's comments, can get pretty down and dirty himself. My own run ins with the guy show that he decends pretty quickly to the ad hominem rather than actually deal with whatever actual point you're arguing about.

For the most part, I find those on the right to be pretty poor debaters. Far too emotional and unable to stick to a point. And pretty wimpy when it comes to agressive attacks. They fold and cry foul rather than just take it like the real men they claim to be.


Well, thanks Hal. I like Moe. He's thin-skinned and partisan, traits he can't do anything about, and he's noticed a considerable decline in participation on his blog over the past few months, so he's understandably cranky. He picked Holsclaw, so he has to defend him. (I wonder if Katherine and Edward objected at the time.) He put all that time and effort into ObWi and it's looking like a failure.

But you're right; rightwingers can't sustain an argument past categorization. Ones they put things into their neat little labeled boxes, they stop thinking. When I said it's no skin off my back not to go there, I really meant it. I'd rather sit here and lob in trackbacks (the blog version of artillery).

That's also why I have the no-holds-barred rules here; nothing to enforce, so no strain on me. Keep it short, and no spam, and people can say pretty much whatever they want. What the fuck, I call myself an asshole, so how can anyone insult me?

By calling you a right wing blowhard? :)

Well, that would be silly, not insulting.

There are three kinds of criticism: (1) stupid, which can be ridiculed, (2) unfair, which can be ignored, and (3) fair, which I appreciate.

I've also excised most of the right-wing blogs I used to read. Frankly, they just were there to give me somewhere to fight. They don't post any real information or analysis that's worth reading anyway. I have saved a few, less than 6, that are honest (both with others and with themselves), and seem to have the good of the country and the world at heart.

Did I actually make the cut, or did you just forget about me? ;-)

Oh, no Gib, you, Zenpundit and Oldman1787 are on my must-read list. (Don't take it amiss that I haven't been commenting - I have just been overwhelmed with work.) I also include ObWi and Totten as conservatives, although some might argue. (Half conservative?) I would also read Tacitus and Jeff Jarvis, if they got their damn feeds sorted. Any others I should visit, you think?

Re: Jarvis - 9/11 Republicans don't count as actual conservatives. But read the page, it's still good. You may also want to check Karol at Spot On/Alarming News now and again. And if you haven't before, read Idle Gossip. He's on your side of the Great American Political Laff-A-Lympics, but it's a fun read. (We're the Yogi Yahooies, y'all are the Scooby Doobies, and the Really Rottens are who each side claims the other really is).

And don't feel bad about not commenting - I think it's been awhile since I've said anything over here as well. (I did mean to say something about that religious left post you had awhile back, but I forget what.)

You should do what you need to do Mithras, but this country is dangerously becoming polarized. I think that things aren't going well at all.

"There are three kinds of criticism: (1) stupid, which can be ridiculed, (2) unfair, which can be ignored, and (3) fair, which I appreciate."

Of course in your opinion no difficult criticism ever falls under point 3.

I guess that last comment falls under the rubrick of (1)

I think it's more (2). At least Joe was on-topic.

Damn, I'm looking forward to implementing commenter registration.

IP tracking is nearly as fun. You can get the city, which is almost as illuminating.

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