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June 14, 2004


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This is what nightmares are made of.

Good post -- it is indeed frightening to me that the right-wing citizenry is armed so much more than the left. On another note, I really think we should spend less time and energy thinking about leaving (or preparing to leave) the country, and more energy trying to prevent such a cataclysm -- Don't forget, there are tens of millions of Americans (indeed a slight majority if the last election was any example) who share our political views, but don't have the luxury of heading to Europe, Canada, etc. in the event of a bush coup.

and they have that force projection thingy, too.


Upside is that they suck at reconstruction and will try to bug out as soon as politically feasible.

You made soda fly out of my nose. Thank you.

Yeah, people look at me funny when I tell them, "as a solid general rule, in the army the question isn't are you on the right, it's how far to the right are you? In academia, it's the reverse - not are you on the left, but how far to the left are you?"

I had fun picking on both, my fellow officers and my college professors.

If it gives you any comfort, there are a few radical atheist, patriotic, armed, ex-military people who will be willing to fight in the streets to prevent a take over. But, they can't succeed if the rest of the populace plays pacifist.

Should the fascists win, I still like Belize. They speak English. Nice climate. Low taxes. And last I checked, though it has been years, Belizan citizenship only costs $1600 American. Oh, and there's not enough there to make it worth invading anytime soon.

Thanks for the tip about Belize. Good diving there, too. The problem is transport in case the balloon goes up. I have a brother in the Keys who drives big boats for a living, so I'll be set, but is everyone else supposed to drive down there? Maybe access to an oceangoing vessel as well as being a good shot is another thing to add to the list.

Mithras: just trying to keep perspective on all of this. . .

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