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June 28, 2004


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Thanks for the analysis...I have not read the opinions yet - just analysis around the web, but any excitement I may have had was quickly flushed away by the losses that were still sustained.

All in all, from what I can tell, a wishy-washy opinion that seems that the court is more concerned about preserving its relevance (as you seem to put it) than actually bringing in the ever expansive claim of civil rights abuse by this government.

By not putting hard limits on the lengths of these detentions, the Supreme Court not only makes it likely, but virtually guarantees that the renegade (well, renegade to the Constitution - otherwise consistent with the rest of the Executive) Justice Department will push the boundaries in virtually every case they can, meaning that this will either go back to the Supreme Court at a later date for further clarification, or they will decline cert to later cases, defer to the executive and show their true impotence in being a check and balance on (at least) the executive.

Now all we need is Ashcroft to mutter something about the Supreme Court making their decision - let them enforce it (even if it is dubious that the original quote was ever made :)

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