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April 13, 2004


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Let ME be the first person to vote for: OXYCONTIN!

Remember the stink when his dad turned out to be on Haldol, a sleeping drug that was banned in the U.K.?

Ibogaine, just like Ed Muskie!

I vote for Paxil or Xanax.

I've been taking Paxil for months now. It does not make you dopey and "out of touch". In fact, it does the opposite. It allows me to focus and think far clearer.

Yeah, I can't believe it would be an antidepressant.

Also, I want to make clear this doesn't bother me simply because Bush may be taking some kind of medication. It bothers me that he seems to be taking a lot of it. That implies, first, he is in enough of a bad way that he feels he needs a large dose. And second, it seems to be affecting his ability to comprehend what people are saying.

I’ve have noticed Bush getting MORE incoherent; since 9/11 he’s had to work harder (I mean hard; remember, he took a month-long vacation in August 2001 after only being on the job for six months) and from what I’ve read, he’s really never had to put in the kind of hours he’s had to in the last year. That might mean he’s having to take something to de-stress himself. Anyway, he’s always had that ‘dry-drunk’ persona, so it wouldn’t take much to really screw him up.

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