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April 20, 2004


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An Exerpt from the Baltimore Sun to help put a little perspective on this issue.

A Defense Department edict issued in 1991 during the Persian Gulf war keeps reporters and television cameras away from the somber ceremony known as "dignified transfer" that unfolds as the remains are taken off the planes.

During the Vietnam War, images of caskets by the hundreds being unloaded at Dover had a powerful impact on the American public. The images evolved into a kind of political shorthand: Could the nation's resolve survive the "Dover test"?

The media blackout enables the military and policymakers in Washington to sidestep the question. A White House spokesman declined to comment on the policy.

Since the ban was initiated more than a decade ago, there have been few exceptions. One was the return of 17 sailors killed in the suicide bombing of the destroyer USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, in October 2000, in the waning days of the Clinton administration.

Pros and cons

The Defense Department says the policy is intended to respect the privacy of families who have lost loved ones. Skeptics, including some congressional leaders, say the Bush administration benefits from a policy that keeps images of mounting American casualties to a minimum.

There is really no way to expect that the officials dealing with casualties will be able to please people. Bubt I for one would rather the death of a family member be kept as private as possible.

Using the logic prevelant on this website, upon reading this article, I come to the conclusion that we should have pulled out of Chicago and New York long ago.

facts expose this sites true color (Pink)

facts expose this sites true color (Pink)

Pink?? What's that make me, gay or communist? That's so funny. I am converting people for two organizations now, I guess. I should join NAMBLA to make it a three-fer: gay, communist pedophiles. If I make my quota, I win a toaster oven, a trip to Disneyland, and a jumbo-sized bottle of personal lubricant.

I am impressed by your rhetorical skills, though. Comparing cities to war zones. Almost spelling every word right. You're as good as Instapundit. You need your own blog.

Leave it to a right winger to throw out red (pink) herrings. What does the crime rate in NY and Chicago have to do with war zones in Iraq?

I see the true color, it's yellow. The Chickenhawks like Bush, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Hannity and Oxyrush were too yellow to serve in Vietnam. Well here is there chance to do something. Bring back the draft. Let everyone serve. What do you say anonymous right winger? Will you let you son get drafted and go to Iraq?

Pink?? What's that make me, gay or communist?

I thought red was communist? :) And for gay you've definitely got to have a rainbow. So maybe this "pink" thing is a whole new group, just for you.

mithras is a pussy!


Pink to me means "commie pinko fag" (communist/socialist) those who rely on others for everyhting they are too lazy and/or stupid to provide for themselves. Back to my important point, logic... I didn't think you'd have a thought provoking and/or logical rebuff for that, because there is none, other than.... wimps will never stand up for themselves or others, but will complain like hell about those who have the courage to do so. You probably feel "murderers, terrorists, pedophiles" are just misunderstood and need our love until one attacks someone in your family. And just like the liberals are doing now, blame the conservative police force for not acting preemptively, when in fact, if they had, you would blast them for acting without proper evidence. I'm just pointing out the rampant indecisiveness and lack of intestinal fortitude throughout the liberal population. I know not everyone can have those assets and realize this is probably a good thing for the human race, but also I realize those lacking these attributes, should know when it is in their best interest to let those who do, take the lead in combating those who hate ALL of us, liberal or conservative. The real enemy does not have an "R" beside their names.

Right, Mr. Yellow. The real enemy is the leftists, i.e. anyone who disagrees with your narrow, misinformed view of the world.

Do yourself a favor and dump your current practice of consulting party activists for the definition of what's right. Think for yourself.

No Mr Stiffie... the real enemies are the extremist Muslims... not liberals or conservatives... they don't care what party you are, they just want to kill US citizens. I myself have been guilty of liberal bashing as evident in my postings above, and truly regret it, because I now realize this is exactly what they want, they want us to become further divided because they know they can't beat us if we are united. America needs to get over party affiliations and act as one, even if only on this particular item. Doubt it will happen, but that is my hope.

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