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April 23, 2004


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I rember watching TV with my family and seeing US Soldiers being wounded and killed in Viet-Nam. Then I was the US Sodlier.

Then we called them 'body-bags'. Now we call them 'transfer tubes'. Camera crews are only allowed to film what the administration tells them they can film. I see plenty of footage, but never a wounded or killed American, very few Iraqies either for that matter. By comparison, any violent video game has more blood and gore.

We have been systematically desensitized by our government and media throughout the years that the horror of war is gone for us. Children grow up thinking that it will be cool to join up and go kill the enemy.

"Hittite law emphasized restitution rather than revenge. Humankind lost a certain useful practicality when it chose the other Semitic response--never to forgive and never to forget."

We, as Christians spend a lot of time vilifying Islam. I don't know enough about it to make a valid opinion. So it goes.

Carson, I like that quote. Can you source it?

Hey I thought you should check this out:

Fables of the Reconstruction

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