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April 20, 2004


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Assuming the above is all true you are leaving out the possibility that the Left's lack of answers, or at least appealing ones to problems that the mainstream deems relevant, leaves the field to Bush.

Bush is not that strong of a candidate, fundraising excepted but he has grasped a strategic truth - the US is at war with radical Islamists. You can argue he's screwing up everything as many do but that's a question of *tactics*. The Left is deeply divided over whether or not there is a " real war ", whether Iraq is part of that war or a distracting misadventure or part of the war but wrongly executed. A majority of the public is not divided - they're certain - and therefore they show what must seem to you be incomprehensible tolerance for Bush's performance because he has the big picture right.

His opponents might seem smarter but that doesn't help if they are also perceived as conflicted or heading in the wrong direction. If Kerry was known to the public as a dissenting hawk I think Bush would be in big trouble in the polls

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