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April 14, 2004


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This is not good. Now, Kerry will have to come out against the ad. He spends half his time distancing himself from crazy supporters and the other half criticizing Bush -- when's he going to find the time to define himself and get people to vote for him...sigh.

I too get all my political information from the Onion. Well....when I'm not watching MTV News, that is.

Idiots. All of you don't even realize that THAT article came from The Onion - a parody website.

You're as bad as Bush. All of you.

I am! I am as bad as Bush! Badder, in fact. Superbad.

Americans creep me out, they're such extereme nationalists and fundalmentalist god-fearing people. It's no wonder why the majority of the global community abhors america. But history has taught us that superpowers do not last forever, example: the British, the Romans..i think america needs take into consideration the other world countries and stop being so damn selfish, gulping down their coke, and munching on thier fatty chips.

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