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March 18, 2004


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You may be right, although I still have a feeling this is like so many other "we found the WMDs!!!" claims...

One thought though: if we do catch bin Laden on this new offensive, someone is going to have some explaining to do: We started this new push to find OBL about a week a half ago. That would mean that with about two weeks work, we were able to catch the bastard. Well, why the living fuck are we just getting around to it now? Scores dead in Turkey, Spain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia while were fucking around in Iraq and a two week raid along tthe border would have been enough? That's freakin crazy.

Could be.

My own "conspiracy theory" is that Pakistan is completely full of crap and doesn't have any "high value target" surrounded at all. That this is a game on Musharraf's part to make him look like our pal. I mean, this "we've got him surrounded" bit has been going on for quite some time now.

Who knows? All I know is that Musharraf is only Bush's "pal" insofar as we need Pakistan's "help" to fight Al Qaeda in his corner of the woods. And that, even if it's the right decision, we're still making a deal with the devil.

Looks like my conspiracy theory was the correct one. :)


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