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October 11, 2003


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hmm, Jazz music. if true, perhaps this will balance
things up on the empathy scale..

"They said that one American soldier broke down and cried during the operation."

the Jazz and tears details aside,
if the groves were cleared for a stated reason,
it would be to remove potential cover for the guerrillas to hide.

collective punishment of civilians for the reason given in the article is illegal.
i'm not saying this would stop them from doing it (see Vietnamese village My Lai),
they just wouldn't openly say it. surely.

perhaps the locals interpreted the stated reason as punishment?

if i had a choice (i don’t),
i would take jazz cranking bulldozers over napalm.
the only choice the locals have is to suffer at the hands of the occupying forces or
from the guerrillas.

sucks to be a civilian in a quagmire.

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