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September 27, 2003


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Soooooo, you are the famous Mithras, that I have been compared to. I am not insulted. I will say this, and if you don't want my opinion I won't be offended if you delete my comment.
In regards to Kelley, I think that Kelley, believes what she believes, very strongly. I also think that even she has questions and disagrees with some of the current policy. I respect the fact that when she has doubts or questions, she is not afraid to speak up and say. Even thought she has to know she is risking incurring the wrath of conservative zealots. I don't hold her opinions against her and I hope she feels the same about me. Sometimes people have to agree to disagree.
As far as Patric is concerned, well, I think he may well be a Rumsfield/Ashcroft clone. I can't say for sure as I have never actually seen him in person.
By the way, did you happen to catch Colin Powell on Jay Leno the other night? I thought it was very amusing how he refused to say if he would continue to serve in his current position "IF" Bush is re-elected in 04. I noticed that he kept saying "I serve at the pleasure of the President". Implying that possibly the President or SOMEONE in his adminstration might not be 'pleased' with him continuing to serve. One can only wonder why that might be. ;-)

Hi! Why would I delete your comment? I've never deleted one or blocked anyone, and I don't plan to start. I don't understand why anyone does it. If you let people comment, you let them comment!

So, you think the "senior administration official" is Powell? A lot of commenters at Atrios's place think so, too. I don't know. Assuming the leakers were Rove and Fleischer, what's Powell's motive? He has no particular ax to grind with the political operatives; it's Rumsfeld he was locked in combat with. My money is on Cheney. I think the leakers are being thrown to the wolves, as part of a deliberate strategy.

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