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August 25, 2003


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that's a good one. though i look forward to the day when we stop trying to fix deep fundamental problems with piecemeal reform. kinda like treating cancer with aspirin.

bush is wacked, don't get me wrong. but clinton was pretty wacked too.

we gotta get out of this republican/democrat thing. even greens are not the answer. the system is fundamentally flawed and i'm so damned sick of lesser evils.

But flawed in what way? Is it the money aspect? That seems like an unsolvable problem.

Where did you find this quote? Chicken Soup for the Liberal Soul?

My bust, it's Bendover Barney right? That lends some credibility to your team.

You know, El Gordo, outside of your little knuckle-dragger cabal, nicknames like "Bendover" don't reflect well on you.

Ask Geoff to share the link and see why most people refer to him as "Bendover Barney." Hope you have a strong stomach.

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