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August 31, 2003


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What kind of an asshole manipulates a story like this to promote his own political agenda?

The only fact here is that you have no idea, whatsoever, how these people came to be harmed. Are you really so naive to belive that the Americans are the only ones firing weapons?

Thnaks for the guess work.

Shamelessly copy and pasted from Sgt. Hooks.

August 30, 2003
10-Year Old Afghan Girl Saved
Army medics refused to give up on a 10-year old Afghan girl who stepped on an landmine in the Stan yesterday.

When Capt. Scott R. Cvecko, commander of the medical laboratory team at the 452nd Combat Support Hospital, first saw her, he didn’t think she was going to live. “There was no way she was going to make it,” he said. “(She) looked horrible. She had no blood, (so) she looked dead.”

With a little ingenuity and a lot of heart, they quickly set up a blood donor station while surgeons were treating the girl's wounds.

After everything was added up, the total sum of saving Zahida’s life was 15 units of whole blood, plasma and pre-donated red-blood cells. “That’s a lot of product to give to a (10-year-old) girl,” said Cvecko. “We pretty much replaced her entire blood volume twice during the course of her injuries. When you lose that kind of blood, you could have brain damage,” said Cvecko. “I’m amazed she lived.”

Don't you just love soldiers? Sgt Hook out

Hey, Ace, I'm not saying individual soldiers are not moral people. I'm jusy saying that overlooking the obvious point that the kid and his dad are dead because of us sort of undermines the heartwarmingness of it all. And yes, I am assuming that American fire killed his vehicle. Why? The article says the U.S. was attacking up that road, and the vehicle was going in the opposite direction.

You try to save civilians who you shoot by mistake. Not doing so makes you a fucking criminal. Doing so does not make you a hero.

I shouldn't have called you an asshole. Sorry.

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