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August 29, 2003


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yeah... just a matter of time before the backlash would start. americans are heavily indoctrinated but they are not brain dead.

i think the next year is going to be very interesting. i don't see george bush having the support he needs to get re-elected or re-selected but i also do not see him giving up power.

I think Bush is still a strong contender to win in '04. The campaign really hasn't begun yet. Rove & Co. are sitting back and watching what themes are developing. Obviously, they have to play up the Democrats as "weak" and Bush as "strong." I see a lot of militaristic imagery being used. Capping it will be the convention in New York and the attempt to connect Bush's "strength" and the weakness people felt after 9/11. What the Democrats have to do is show Bush as incompetently leading us deeper into a swamp, not catching bin Laden, invading countries without cause and generally pissing off the world when what we need is more friends, not fewer.

I can't think of any counties we have invaded without cause.

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