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January 28, 2011


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Instead of a $100 fee, Hawaii should charge a $20 or more application fee for each request. Then, instead of just turning down the requests for Obama's birth certificate, they would pocket $20 or more and still turn down the request. After a while, these rightwing crazies who request multiple times will either run out of money, or become frustrated at giving up their own bucks and getting the same response. I think that this approach would be more effective in eliminating the birthers who won't take "no" for an answer.

Even I think it's wrong to taunt stupid people by having them pay money to submit an application when under no circumstances will it be approved. A marginally less unethical idea would be to sell tickets to a raffle; first prize, said framed copy of the birth certificate; second prize, a fart in a paper bag mailed to the winner via UPS overnight; third prize is you're lucky there is no third prize, you stupid git.

You sure have a lot of class. By the way, the bill was killed so, why don't you report on the fact that Abercrombie made a statement that he found nor saw a birth certificate? A copy of the birth cert is not the concern, it's the book which the supposed original legitimate document is within.
Indeed there is a concerted effort to hide something. What about the passport? Why two Social Security Numbers?
By the way, my husband is black, very large family ALL CONSERVATIVES! I guess we're all racists. Ugh! What a waste. The uneducated pseudo-intellectual elitists. The very representatives of emotion driven clods void of class.

Wow, Rhonda, you sure can pack a whole lot of crazy into one paragraph. Abercrombie never said any such thing:

I have no idea what you're talking about regarding the book containing the birth certificate, and you don't provide links (naturally).

As for the passport: False.

Two Social Security numbers: False.

In short, you're a moron who believes anything so long as it fits your preconceived notions.

I fully anticipate you to say that the facts laid out above are all lies or the sources are biased or whatever.

Also, the "My husband is a black conservative, so I can't be a racist" is classic. Thank you for commenting. I will treasure this moment.

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