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June 02, 2007


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Where did you hear that Various makes $400 million a year? What other lines of business make up the rest?

Errr, I read it somewhere from an interview Conru had given. I guess I better go back and find a cite.

Okay, this Business 2.0 article from March says AFF provides 60% of a total of $200 million. The spurious rumor about FF being sold quoted a revenue figure of $298 million - but consider the source. It's possible I picked up the figure of $400 million from this Jeremy Zawodny post from 2004, when in fact he was quantifying total 2003 spending on online adult content (although that seems low). So, I dunno.

Thanks for the informative article. I run that uses back end. This works very well because I don;t have to go out and find members they are already available to me.

Charles Pisano

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