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December 18, 2005


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this one went to canada, sorry. if you like, your bitter invective against your administration can be recorded without your knowledge and used to call you a communist... i mean a terrorist- or some crap.

I think the President would have to be caught on tape personally beheading an Iraqi child in order for him to be impeached.

I do too use a cell phone..every day allah be praised. I do agree with you that sen reid is an infidel donky fucker. I disagree with you about Condi rice however. May her luscious thighs please Allah the merciful for all eternity. Now I must get off the computer before the satanic US spy satellite overflies my underground lair.

Man you a fucked up racist motherfucker motherfucker.You dont be talkin shit bout my beeotch Condi. I know yu eat the pussy of dat hook nose jew bitch madline albrite. ENGLISH mother you speak it?? Why done you get that big dick out yo ass or out yo mouth you white pussy racist mofo.

Bush is a wimp. What you really need is a Council of Ten that works the way John Adams described:

A punctual execution of the laws, is no doubt essential to the existence of this state, and there are striking instances of persons punishing their nearest relations, with the most unrelenting severity; without this, the doge on one hand, or the people on the other, would soon think of a union against the ruling nobility. The aristocracy is always sagacious, and knows the necessity of a rigorous impartiality, in order to preserve its power, and all the barriers we have described have been erected for this purpose: but all would be insufficient to restrain their passions, without the lions mouths and the state inquisitors; these were engrafted on the council of ten. This terrible tribunal, is sovereign in all crimes against the state; it consists of ten chosen yearly by the grand council; the six of the seigniory assist, and the doges preside when they please. Three chiefs, appointed monthly by lot, to open all letters, seize the accused, take examinations, and prosecute the prisoner; who is closely confined, allowed no council, and finally acquitted or condemned to death, in public or private, by the plurality of voices. This was the original tribunal, but it was not found sufficient, and the state inquisitors were erected in the beginning of the sixteenth century. This tribunal consists only of three persons, all taken from the council of ten, who have authority to decide, without appeal, on the life of every citizen, the doge himself not excepted. They employ what spies they please; if they are unanimous, they may order a prisoner to be strangled in gaol, or drowned in the canal, hanged in the night, or by day, as they please; if they are divided, the cause must go before the council of ten, but even here, if the guilt is doubtful, the rule is to execute the prisoner in the night. The three may command access to the house of every individual in the state, and have even keys to every apartment in the ducal palace, may enter his bed-chamber, break his cabinet, and search his papers. By this tribunal, have doge, nobility, and people, been kept in awe, and restrained from violating the laws, and to this is to be ascribed the long duration of this aristocracy.

I'll just say this: Condi was with Cheney in the "WH Control Center", with Hadley, on 911.

Cheney set up a FEMA triage on 9/10/01.

It's called "Foreknowledge"

When Police Detectives work a crime scene, the first thing they do is secure the site. FEMA allowed evidence to be hauled away.

It's called "Complicity."

Silverstein increased the insurance coverage on the WTC complex in July of 2001, specifically in the event of a "terrorist" attack.

Cui Bono?

Irgun used to bomb innocent civilians, and blame it on "Islamists."

It's called "M.O."

Need more, or what? Rice is GUILTY of TREASON against America, and she must HANG with them ALL, or America WILL NOT RECOVER it's honor.

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