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November 08, 2005


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These economic actors will be sorted out in time. Meantime enjoy the crappy movies and music, which are actually good because the market created them.

Actually, many writers within the entertainment industry have taken issue with Sony's practices and have reached out to educate their audiences, perhaps none more so than Jason Gross at But's coverage of this, along with that of lesser known sites and blogs have gone a long way to build critical mass.

More disconcerting might be Stewart Baker's comments which can be found here.

I posted a few days ago about the 'Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.' It seemed to work favorably for the movie industry big-wigs, insofar as it would nearly obliterate potentials for piracy. But it also gave parents and corporations (to some extent) the possibility to EDIT movie releases extensively. Which is completely ironic and totally defeatest to their point, if you ask me! :P

Hey, would you update your link to me already? My URL got stolen, so at the moment, you're linking to a commercial porn link under 'news and views from philly.' :O

It would be funny, except it's my name!

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