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January 25, 2005


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Interesting point. The Massachusetts supreme courts ruling would only affect state taxes. Either way, I would mess with the IRS.

The only thing I will say is (and it's not a defense), but the wingnuts would insist they are not "mistreating" gay people, since some of them, at least, honestly believe that the gay people could, if they only would try, stop being gay. Since being gay is, as far as they are concerned, exclusively a matter of choice, there is no reason to care about them. Anything they suffer is their own fault.

Obviously, I think that's nonsense, but this is how the wingnuts think.

I don't think it's inconsistent to believe that people can alter their behavior and to want to mistreat or punish them. It's the foundation for prisons.

Your url gave me a start, until I realized you had left out a letter. Click your name and see what I mean.

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