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August 15, 2003


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Mark Corallo, Ashcroft's Spokesman on PATRIOT:

» Fables of the reconstruction: Mark Corallo, Ashcroft's Spokesman on PATRIOT from Where We're Bound
Interested in the "Patriot Act"? Check out this story at Fables of the reconstruction which discusses Mark Corallo, Ashcroft's spokesman. Mark Corallo, yet another liar in the matrix of liars that is the current administration. Also, be sure to download [Read More]

» Lies, Lies and Damned Lies from bodhilog
John Ashcroft and his bushtapo are at it again. According to a recent New York Timesarticle, Ashcroft has gone on the offensive, ridiculing the American Library Association for "believing the absurd, that the F.B.I. is running around monitoring librari... [Read More]


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